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I want my wi-fi. I know it's because I come from a European family. July 24, 2:

Unless you have superhuman hair genes, men's hair naturally gets thinner and a little weaker as you get older - so you might notice a few extra hairs in the plughole during your 50s.
We have several easy and simple spring tips on grooming, style, and fashion for men over Skip to content Companies and data brokers are tracking your online habits. 6 Style Secrets of Sexy Men Spring flings — from your closet. by Lois Joy Johnson polos and chambray shirts out over your waistband. If you're too old school for that.
We have several easy and simple spring tips on grooming, style, and fashion for men over Skip to content Companies and data brokers are tracking your online habits. 6 Style Secrets of Sexy Men Spring flings — from your closet. by Lois Joy Johnson polos and chambray shirts out over your waistband. If you're too old school for that.
Walk into the men’s section of any department store and one of the first signs you will see is the “Young Men’s Fashion” section. As a gentleman over 50, I have always wondered why there.
Men’s fashion boasts of the most flexible dressing types in today’s world. Unlike women’s fashion that goes under the constant scrutiny of ‘change’, men’s fashion is all about ageless styles and classics.
Outfits for Men over 50

At least one men's fashion blogger has pointed to Mr. Lauren as an excellent model for dressing in style as we age. Ralph Lauren is, of course, the style star who, in , obtained the Polo brand from Brooks Brothers, along with its iconic button-down collar shirt.

This gentleman is a regular model for Paul Frederick, which has wardrobe items not only geared towards businessmen, but also the distinguished gay culture.

I would like to see a fashion story that addresses older men that are a bit portly. We like like to look good too. These celebrities you show have stylists we have Supercuts.

We shop Walmart and sales. I need my job and try to avoid the hobo look. I agree with JP Farnsworth! Average people do not make the same money or attempt to project the same trendy image as celebrities. Moreover, we are held to a more conventional standard. Too many suits and high-end sport coats featured.

American Gigolo, and Miami Vice are long gone. Honestly, how often does a man even wear a suit or sport coat outside of those in Wall Street finance, a bank loan or a job interview? Even wearing a sport coat for a casual outing is considered overdressed these days. Instead these articles need to use real people. People on the street and show those who are progressive, or showing an appropriate amount of style or flair.

Not models and celebrities. These articles need to be realistic. Instead these articles need to address appropriate but stylish dress for the everyday man like sweaters, and nice jackets. Things that one could wear for a casual night out but without looking overdressed or a slob. You have to dress appropriately for the occasion. No one likes a slob, but no one likes a snob either. Im a retired gent and I know how to shop for myself within my means.

Its knowing how and where to shop. I want to know what is the best style for an average American…Not a Hollywood movie star…smh. Clothes that flatter makes you look even older. So go for the style in which you are comfortable and slips in smoothly. How does it feel to be held to that expectation? As older men, we should be working out, keep a 32 waist or less and have ample money for fashion.

Celebs in perfect shape and with unlimited budgets. How about some regular Joes around town looking put together? Poor feminist generation nuetered emasculated men… listen up! Women have their beauty and that is their currency in trade. Men have their success, their intelligence, charisma and accomplishments.

There is no equality and never will be. These women who want it all, career, children, equal opportunity are not playing to their strength and instead of embracing their feminimity, they try to play in both worlds and just piss of all of us men. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Prev Article Next Article. Caz, aka Vixen, has been freelance creative writing for several years.

If you are asking, other guys are wondering silently to themselves:. If you don't have an easy way to have your sleeves altered and you don't have the time or money to get something new at Nordstroms or Macy's where they will do alterations , I would go hipster and roll up the sleeves. It may not be your best look, I have no idea, but you could play with the different ways to roll up the sleeves with shirt cuffs rolled back, with shirt cuffs left down until you invent your own look.

It might not work for business. If you work in a bank or something like that, you'll need to go to a tailor or a dry cleaner and have the cuffs hemmed up. But, that's for business suits. If you have a good tailor ask around, email a local store , they will know what length to make them.

If it's just a jean jacket or something for casual times, I would try rolling the sleeves up. If it's good enough for Robert Redford and guys in Beverly Hills, it's good enough for most guys. And, if you were asking a different question, let me know. I don't know why I left them out. Now that I know you're not, I have to wonder if you're from Kansas or someplace in the Outback.

Where I'm from, it's just weird for a guy to show up in shorts for a first coffee date I dated online off and on for about 10 years and I don't think anyone showed up in shorts other than Mr. And, I only gave Mr. Boomerina the benefit of the doubt because he gave me ideas about what to put into my dating book manuscript was lost, long story, never published and I knew Mr.

Boomerina was smart because he quickly came up with some good BS on the fly. I hope that makes sense. If you live in Florida, maybe it's different. Thanks for the kind words. Most guys don't like to be told what to wear.

I'm no expert but I know when something is really wrong. Living in Vegas, one accessory that gets frowned upon is a fanny-pak. If you want a dufus award, then bring it to the casino. Keep your nice clothes ironed. So many guys wake up and rush to the buffet looking like a stroke victim. If you look like a bargaineer pioneer, then those Dirty sneakers along with your faded skinny jeans will bring out the dork factor big time. Next is quit wearing white tennis shoes. Embrace and claim your baldness, no hideous comb overs.

One secret to unaware tourists is if you look like an eyesore in any establishment, then they will try to find a way to get you out of there in a hurry. Best case and point. Wear your crappy clothes at home and treat everything else like a sharp dress code. People will speak their mind on your over saturation.

I'm sorry it took so long to approve your comment. I'm out of town with limited computer access due to sketchy wi-fi problems I want my wi-fi. Robert, I'm so so so so so so freaking glad you wrote that comment. Your advice applies not only to Vegas, but to every city south of Sitka. We really don't care what you wear north of Sitka. You, my new best friend, are absolutely right about the white tennis shoes.

I keep throwing my husband's white tennis shoes in the trash and the Trash Fairy keeps returning them to the closet. Effing dufus award will soon be bestowed on husband 3, the inspiration for this article.

Well, there were MANY inspirations for this article. I agree that people should never wear their "casino new card club member t-shirt" in the casino - or anywhere I don't know what kind of butt-ugly shirt that is, but you should never wear free clothing that comes with a logo or ad.

Hey, in Paris, they won't even serve you. Wake up American men. Robert, I get my own dufus award because I had to look up who Andy Summers was. If you had said, "Andy Summers" guitarist for The Police, I would have gotten the hint that you're talking about the New Wave punk-lite look of the 80s.

However, I'm not so old that I'm totally clueless It's similar to being partially deaf slightly from standing next to gigantic speakers at too many Rolling Stones' concerts. I knew I was taking a risk I know I'm on the road to "freaking old" but I haven't reached the dead-end cul de sac in that particular subdivision yet Please feel free to add any additional warnings and tips for clueless men everywhere. Americans are the worst-dressed people in the world.

When summer came, I was outta there. Too freaking hot for me, but a good place to make a living. Holy shizzit, I almost forgot to thank you for mentioning the fanny-pak, the horror of all horrors. I didn't know that anyone other than ironic hipsters would actually wear such a thing. May all you fanny-pakkers be pick-pocketed. Fanny paks are so awful that I didn't know they were still around anywhere other than thrift stores.

Oh, I am going to have tourist-class nightmares tonight. Tina, nice article and very much on point, but honey, sweetie, dahlink, you using the word "shizzit" in your last post, at YOUR age, is hypocritical to this article. It is tantamount to me, at 52, wearing a bedazzled Ed Hardy shirt with faded cut off jeans and white crew socks. I am a total hypocrite. I'm always trying to invent my own rules as I go and sometimes I flubber it up.

I'll try not to say shizzit, but Google sometimes downgrades sites for using WordsBeBad so I daren't swear very often in the traditional manner. Are you saying I'm too old to use traditional WordsBeBad too? Hey, I'm an artist Me have limited vocabulary.

But, you're right, man! Deep down, I know you're right. Someday, you'll be able to show a picture of me to your little granddaughters or grandnieces and say, "I hope you girls grow up to have good breeding and excellent manners like Tina Boomerina On the other hand, I would like to see you in a bedazzled Ed Hardy shirt without the cut offs and crew socks I too lived in Bakersfield a few years.

I have yet to recover. I am 57, fit and have yet to fall prey to many mistakes most of us fellas suffer from fashion wise. Trust me, I'm a screw up in many other aspects of life. Let me toss this out to you. I still wear shorts and tee shirts plain for the most part, V-neck. My go to shoes are canvas Converse. I get more compliments on those things than I can count. I think the key is to keep them super clean and never, ever wear socks.

These shoes are great with jeans, too. At my age, I stay away from severely faded or severely dark jeans, no skinny jeans and no bling or crazy embroidery on the pockets. Plus, stay away from jeans that sit at the waist or higher. Lastly, my tip for guys- if you look down the front of your stomach and cant see your belt buckle, or fly if you don't wear a belt, for the love of God don't tuck your shirt in.

What the hell were you doing in Bakersfield? You sound so normal And, if you look good in shorts and Tees, you must be in awesome shape. Baby, you would know if that wasn't a good look for you by the way people treated you or ignored you. So, you may be one of the few cats who can get away with shorts at "that" age. And, Converse sneakers are hot. You sound like you've nailed your own unique style.

If only more men would care about what they wear On the other hand, I do want you to realize that shorts are not a universally accepted look in some venues. As long as you know the difference between LV and London Yes, yes, yes, especially with the fanny packs and the shorts.

I've lived overseas most of my working career, and I can easily recognize North Americans because they mostly look like six-year-olds. And then there's the tattoo issue I finally got my husband out of socks and suspenders when he's wearing shorts , but I can't get him to wear long "big boy" pants.

He's my third husband, so I got him too late for proper training So, I guess I'll have to live with the shorts. And, I did get him to wear short-sleeved shirts with actual buttons instead of T-shirts That's a particularly bad photo of him.

I want everyone to know that it was my husband Genghis' [Raymond's] idea to pose for that article. I asked him three times if he REALLY wanted me to post that pic because I didn't want to show it to everyone in the world, but he insisted All women should post their husband's worst outfits online.

Sorry, but the lucky amongst us get old But before you die I wish for you to allow yourself the fullest and truest experience of one of the best parts of life. Believe it or not Just ask your parents or any surviving relative who you consider an elder and might know a few things more about life than you.

The younger we are when we learn that, confidence, but not arrogance, is the most important attribute in being attractive, the sooner we discover who we are and what human gifts we have to amaze others with, no matter how we package it It's seems that you should just come right out and say "Cover up anything that you didn't have when you were 18 or didn't sculpt to the ideal form in the gym.

Granted, there are many men who develop their our style which is basically defined as " What feels and makes me feel most comfortable ". Power to those who are comfortable in "their own skin", however much they choose to show off or cover up with whatever they please. In closing I will admit that I am hung up on stye and trying to stay young looking without looking ridiculous I have come to admire those who age and do it in their own comfortable style.

They rock and I hope you will too. Okay, I'll just come right out and say it, "Cover up anything you didn't have when you were 18 or didn't sculpt to the ideal form in the gym.

And, all women are forced to live "within the constraints of the shallow judgement" of others from the age of 12 on Baby, you are a guy. You have NO idea what women go through You've never worn high heels while traipsing across the cobblestones of Paris. You've never dealt with snotty young salesgirls while being fitted for a bra Well, maybe gay guys do Yes, I agree that the lucky amongst us get old.

Some of us even get smarter as we age. And, I've been a do-your-own-thing type of gal since the s, so I'm not going to wag my finger at you if you look like a slob As for shorts and baseball caps And, I will admit that I recently met a guy named Larry and he looked fabulous in a baseball cap. It's the only hat that would suit him So, a baseball cap IS a great look for some guys.

And, most of the men in Bend, Oregon wear shorts All of you guys can wear whatever you want. You can wear your cowboy-print jammies to work and wave your freak flag high.

However, I still believe it's common courtesy to try to look halfway decent I ALSO believe that you should find your own fashion style It's still a free country. You are free to wear whatever you want. However, if you have snot running down your dirty face and you have your t-shirt on backwards, people WILL treat you differently no matter how wonderful you are.

I have always been like that. I believe in the beauty of the inner soul I don't care if someone grew up in the hood. I don't ignore people because they have disabilities. I don't discriminate or notice much difference in anyone I talk to everyone I actually wrote this article because I helped my husband find a better type of clothing, which flattered his aging body.

And my husband suggested several times that I put my ideas in writing. That's why I'm telling guys what I think might accentuate their "positives" and minimize their "negatives". I'm not telling men they're worthless morons if they don't wear the "right" clothing. So, if you think it's shallow of me to tell men different ways to cover up their beer guts, so be it.

If those old guys think they look good with dirty tees stretched tightly over their Buddha bellies, they can continue wearing what they wore when they were As a rule, I do not care what other men wear, but I do care what my husband wears.

And, that's why my husband insisted I write this article. He noticed the difference in how he looked However, if your point is that there are more important things in life than cosmetically enhanced beauty, I heartily agree with you.

Hey, I've lived in LA However, I wrote this article to help men find a new, more fitting style as they age. It just makes sense for men to change their style as their bodies change. I'm sure you'd laugh out loud if you saw me in the same fringed suede mini dress I wore as a teen Just trying not to stand out in the south as a Yankee or a 74 yrae old target in St.

It sounds like you're doing the right things because you're still around at Good for you that you even care. Most guys would wear their pajamas everywhere if they thought they could get away with it.

I've never been to St. Louis, but I once went to Memphis in May for a blues festival. The music was great. The only people I remember on the street were a bunch of college kids guys and girls who were totally smashed drunk and could hardly stand up. It was hard to tell how they were dressed because they all kept falling down and acting crazy. I have a feeling you weren't hiding out with that bunch, thank God.

Hope you like the South. You don't have to fit in too much if you don't like what they wear. Be your own groovy self. If it fits well, isn't trendy, and looks good on you, wear it. Age has nothing to do with it. It's all about personal style and how one carries that off. That makes sense to me. I, sometimes, add age into the title so people can get a sense of With most articles including this one , you can ignore the age part. However, I would change your mantra, slightly.

I would say, "If it fits well and looks good on you, wear it. I would agree you should not go too trendy with wedding clothes half your wedding album may show up on Facebook someday and business clothes. Those are two situations where you shouldn't go too far out on a limb in any direction.

However, I like trendy clothing on men when it fits well and looks good. Why do you dislike trendy clothing? As long as you stay within the bounds of reasonable taste, it seems as if a fella might get tired of wearing the "same old same old" day in and day out.

What happened to all the peacocks? Hey, there's nothing wrong with having a bit o' fun every now and then whether you're over 40 or under And, you don't want to look like a boring accountant do you? I speak from experience. However, in general, you're on the right track. I can appreciate the goals of this article.

The article exhibits a negative approach to the audience it is trying to help. I can enjoy jabs at middle-aged guys. This is not the forum for it. A little compassion for the people you're trying to help can go a long way.

Dan, I am two weeks behind with work, but I will add your article to my to-do list. I love middle-aged guys. Don't get me wrong. It's just how I write all my articles I'll have to experiment more on my husband and get some answers from friends probably a few of my gay-guy friends to write an article about what guys should wear. I'm not a fashion expert. I just write about what I see and I write about what I know from real-life experience. Normally, I don't watch TV, but I was in a hotel room and bored.

Unfortunately, most "how to dress a guy" shows include mostly tips for younger, thinner guys. That's not much help for my husband's situation. And, my husband is the only reason I wrote this article.

I helped old hubster's look and old hubster said I should write an article for men. Seriously, I think my husband is genetically predisposed to have a belly, so I'm having trouble dressing him.

You can still have traditional essences in your dressing style, and look like Denzel Washington at the same time. All you need is to read a few tips before you can attempt to look like the next Al Pacino. Dressing up at fifty, essentially means, dressing comfortably. Make your own fashion and stop trying to follow trends.

You will have to consider you over what others are wearing or trying to be. Be yourself, look classy, and there is nothing in the world that can stop you from looking like George Clooney or whoever it is that you aspire to look like!

Men's Fashion July 5, Tips It is important to always dress your age. Low rise jeans may look good on your son, but if you walk into a public gathering wearing that, you could be made the laughing stock of the town. Leave the trendy, hipster kind of jeans for your son to deal with. You stick to what you have been wearing for the past ten years, and wear it effortlessly. There is nothing more stylish than a man wearing his clothes with confidence.

Do not go overboard with the dressing.

Men Fashion Over 50 - Boys will always be boys, even when they turn 50 and above. They will still be young at heart, and desire to wear bomber jackets, leather boots, tight T-shirts, Converse shoes etc. Walk into the men’s section of any department store and one of the first signs you will see is the “Young Men’s Fashion” section. As a gentleman over 50, I have always wondered why there. Men’s fashion boasts of the most flexible dressing types in today’s world. Unlike women’s fashion that goes under the constant scrutiny of ‘change’, men’s fashion is all about ageless styles and classics.