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Whether you want to drop $20 or $ on your next pair of sunglasses, you're sure to find a pair (or two, or three) right here.
Mens Sunglasses | Browse and buy the best sunglasses for men easily from top designers online at Persol and Ray-Ban for the man who likes to drive in style. Our sun glasses for men are made for a variety of athletes, and our filtering system allows users to select specific sports.
Best Sellers in Men's Sunglasses #1. Hulislem Blade Ⅱ Sport Polarized Sunglasses-FDA Approved out of 5 stars $ - $ #2. FEIDU Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses for Men Sunglasses Man FD out of 5 stars $ - .
The 10 Best Sunglasses For Summer There's a style for every different outfit.
Best Sunglasses For Men 21 Awesome Sunglasses That Merge Style With Functionality.

The 10 Best Sunglasses For Summer There's a style for every different outfit.

With the helps of Toms, this pair will help you look and feel good. And for every pair purchased, Toms helps a child in need see again. Ray-Ban has long been a heavy hitter in the eyewear industry, and for good reason — they have perfected what it takes to make a wear-it-anywhere pair of shades.

Pick out your favorite pairs from their website, and they will send up to five pairs right to your door. Glasses with more detailing on the top half of the shades will broaden the appearance of your face. Even though the price point is on the steeper side, these babies are made to last. Handmade in South Carolina, this pair has polarized lenses and scratch-resistant coating, for wherever your day takes you.

Acetate and stainless steel frames, with the option to add polarized lenses, make for your go-to shades for when you need to up the cool factor. Think of them like the plain white tee of the sunglasses world - these simple round frames in every neutral shade are ready to shine at any occasion.

While no, buying these sunglasses do not automatically transport you to Santorini, this pair will at least make you look the part of a Greek bon vivant.

While aviators have a certain je-ne-said-quoi to them, the curved triangular shape can be unflattering for most faces. In an effort to combat this, Komono has created a more angular frame that is far more receptive to rounder-face dudes. These classic shades embody the sophisticated leisure lifestyle of the Hamptons, without the mansion beach house price tag. Eyebuydirect offers these specs at a reasonable 69 and in 7 different finishes, allowing you to choose best pair for your style.

Leather jacket and motorcycle not included, these rock and roll frames take a bow to the bad boy style. This pair is a modern take of the ever-popular aviators, boasting a Top Gun-meets-John Lennon rounded frame.

This version is particularly appealing for men with a square or rectangular face shape because the softer angles on the frame help balance sharp jawlines. Aviator sunglasses never go out of style because they never leave the fashion scene. Caper sunglasses — Get yours here! This style is perfect for adding that chill, cool edge to a simple outfit.

The aviator shape has gone through some changes over time. In , you will see the rise of the modern oversized aviator. That makes them stand out from the classic aviator shape. Swag , oversized aviator sunglasses — Get yours here! They are a staple for any eyewear collection and are effortlessly casual. The double-bar bridge of The Swag and metal accent adds a flair of refinement.

That says you mean business. Inspired by hip-hop and streetwear trends , this unique style takes its basic form from the Aviators. Made popular by the rich and famous, Swag shades have a certain appeal. Thicker and manlier, the Bowery is a retro inspired semi-rimless frame. This pair sits bolder than your regular club masters and underlines the retro influences that drive you.

A twist on a classic shape! The Bowery Sunglasses — Get yours here! The Bowery, browline sunglasses — Get yours here! Trends come and go, but a classic is a classic. Old School wayfarer inspired sunglasses in black.

Following a trend can be fun, but it becomes a dated look after awhile. If you take a classic design, add a modern element or tweak it to make it a little more 21st century, it becomes new again! This Wayfarer style sunglasses have a touch more refined and are certainly more slender.

They have elegant tapered temples and rhomboidal silver rivets. Combining a vintage look together with superbly crafted contemporary tech, they are the go-to eyewear! Peace Out sunglasses — Get yours here! In eyewear fashion for about six decades now, these rectangular thick frames evoke masculinity. What we love about the Wayfarers is how laid back and cool this trend makes you look.

These frames guarantee that. They are practical, durable and perfect for men of any age. The metallic top brow bar trend is a variation of the original flat brow style. The top metal bar is a substitute of the large, straight acetate browline. They turned into a more elegant and modern form. The sleek and refined design perfectly mirrors the current contemporary aesthetic. Around the Block sunglasses — Get yours here!

The Around the Block sunglasses is a simple and modern pair of sunglasses. The bold lines enliven the roundness of the lenses. The top-bar over the bridge adds a whimsical characteristic. Like a good pair of jeans, they are just as contemporary as they are classic. Perfect for big faces with defined features, like a strong jawline, or for a crisp haircut.

Another Blogger favorite pair is The Caper. These bad boys are made for hiding in NYC in plain sight! This season is big on style hybrids. These are power glasses called navigators. Attaboy Sunglasses — See them here! Classic aviators have inspired newer, bolder shapes that are starting to revamp outfits everywhere. Dubbed as the N avigators sunglasses , this new style preserves the essence of metallic aviators.

You get the best of both styles: Attaboy Rectangular sunglasses — Get yours here! Attaboy is the perfect example on a boost of confidence. A style that always makes you feel good. The Navigator-Style has been around for decades.

You can just as easily categorize them as oversized frames. The Navigators are not movie star material. A revamp of the classic aviator silhouette, these oversized frames will keep you covered. This style best fits a medium or wide face with forms such as long or oval. These retro men sunglasses talk the talk while you walk the walk. They are inspired by the steam-powered machines of the industrial revolution. Torpedo Round Sunglasses — Get yours here! Half metal, half celluloid acetate in a glossy finish, these bad boys work their magic in matte colors.

You will be surprised how well texture-mixing works with eyewear. For shades that make a statement, this distinctive style definitely speaks for itself. Torpedo Round sunglasses — Get yours here! They have a more prominent metal nose bridge that projects in front of the frame. The Blue Nose frame is a real stand out. Blue Nose sunglasses — Try them on here! A more eccentric frame, very similar to what T. Miller is wearing as Weasel in the notorious DeadPool movie. Clubmasters are a timeless symbol of coolness in sunglasses trends!

Don't miss this season's top trends in men sunglasses! Sport the newest, boldest styles: over 15 of the best men sunglasses of the moment, under $! Don't miss this season's top trends in men sunglasses! Sport the newest, boldest styles: over 15 of the best men sunglasses of the moment, under $! They look best on a fashion oriented man. Whether you want to drop $20 or $ on your next pair of sunglasses, you're sure to find a pair (or two, or three) right here. The 10 Best Sunglasses For Summer There's a style for every different outfit.