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This jam keeps for up to two weeks, so you can prepare it in advance and keep it on-hand.

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Strawberry-Sugar Biscuit Trifle Everything about this decadent dessert screams Southern, so it is best to simply go with it and enjoy how delicious it is. From the sugar-topped—and aptly named— Sugar Biscuits , to the fresh strawberries bathed in rich Trifle Custard , this could well be the ultimate Southern dessert.

Serve this at your next gathering and it's sure to be a hit. How could it possibly miss? It has the great, rich flavor of biscuits that have been sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon; a custard made with egg yolks, half-and-half, and milk; and two-and-a-half pounds of strawberries.

That is a whole lot of fresh fruit. This is a sweet, seasonal treat in every decadent, delicious bite. Strawberry Smoothie Ice-Cream Pie Kids and adults alike will love the mixture of strawberries, bananas, blueberries and ice cream all on top of a crunchy, waffle-cone crust. This recipe is simple and it only involves working fresh fruit processed with powdered sugar into containers of premium ice cream.

Fold in fruit, spread, and freeze; repeat with other fruit and ice-cream mixes. Once this has set up, this four-layer fantasy is ready to be sliced, served, and devoured. The taste of fresh berries and bananas is absolutely incredible, and the waffle-cone crust is a light and crunchy delight. Strawberry Napoleons If you are not familiar with this wonderful treat, a Napoleon is a classic puff-pastry dessert that has a sweet cream filling.

This unique grilled take on the dessert is perfect for your next outdoor party. Reviewer moorebells gave this recipe 5-stars stating, "Such a nice, light and beautiful dessert! Working with phyllo can be daunting but this was a snap. The real sweeteners here are strawberries, of course, complemented by honey. This is a light, crisp, and incredible dessert. No-Cook Strawberry Ice Cream. You'll be amazed by how incredible this ice cream truly is.

A velvety texture meets the sweet juiciness of summer strawberries in a cool summer delight. If ever there was a fruit of the season, the strawberry would belong to summer, so it might as well also be the flavor of that cools its incredible heat. This no-cook sensation can be ready quickly, so you don't even have to plan to get this together. Let it be the sweet treat for a family get-together, or the finish to a great casual dinner party.

This will be your new favorite taste of summer. Strawberry Vinaigrette Great vinaigrette is the perfect seasoning: Too much and you wish you hadn't used it, too little and you wonder where the flavor is. Strawberry Vinaigrette gets it just right—it begins with Strawberry-Lemonade Jam, and then builds with a chorus of apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, and spices. Toss this pungent dressing starring Strawberry-Lemonade Jam with fresh baby spinach, kale, or mixed baby greens, some thinly sliced red onion, and toasted pecans.

You'll have the perfect light summer salad. Strawberry-Orange Shortcake Tart This delightful spring dessert more than merited running on our April cover—not just for its looks, but also for its sweet, summery taste.

Add in a touch of orange marmalade, and this Strawberry-Orange Shortcake Tart is a subtle mix of sweet and tangy in every single bite. Strawberry-Basil Frozen Yogurt This easy dessert blends the simplicity of packaged plain Greek yogurt and whipping cream. It starts with the tastes of strawberries, chopped fresh basil, sugar, and lime zest. This means it only takes six ingredients to create this cool frozen classic.

One described it as "very bright and creamy," while another said simply that the taste was "absolutely delicious. You will love every mouthful. What's even better is that this can be put together in almost no time, and with ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen.

Enjoy the tastes of homemade desserts and the pleasures of the season without spending all day in the kitchen. Strawberry Salsa Salsas can be great ways to bring unique flavors to any meal, but most often when people think about salsas they expect them to be all about the tomatoes. Our Strawberry Salsa is a confetti of bright, sunny flavors that adds an over-the-top finish to grilled pork, beef, chicken, or even fried catfish.

Made with fresh strawberries, sweetened dried cranberries, and an avocado, then seasoned with great herbs and spices including, crushed red pepper, and cilantro, this really is a new, sweeter twist on the traditional south-of-the-border flavors. This may well become your new favorite salsa.

Strawberry Bruschetta Strawberry Bruschetta are like little tastes of summer. The baguette pieces are the perfect base for smooth and slightly salty goat cheese that gets toasted to golden-brown, bubbly perfection. Then, sliced fresh strawberries, nectarines, grape tomatoes, and a range of great-tasting fresh herbs and spices get generously spooned on top. These are the perfect mouthful of crisp, creamy, and fresh tastes in a single bite.

Serve this easy recipe at your next ladies' luncheon or shower. These bite-size pieces are perfect for appetizers. You may be standing by the table enjoying these all evening. Strawberry Caprese Salad Strawberries substitute for tomatoes in this twist on the classic caprese salad that celebrates all the tastes of spring.

Chopped fresh basil, small mozzarella cheese balls, and halved fresh strawberries blend with vinegar, sugar, herbs, and spices to make this delicious salad. Serve over fresh arugula or as an appetizer with toasted French bread baguette slices.

Garnish this salad with fresh basil. Chill everything for two hours, and then let it stand at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving. You'll love how the flavors come together in every bite. Strawberry Chicken Salad This easy salad full of fresh strawberries, crisp lettuce, and toasted pecans is the epitome of spring. Adding in chopped chicken can turn this salad from a side dish to a meal, but it keeps everything light and is still perfect for your outdoor summer lunch or dinner table.

The chopped toasted pecans bring in just the right amount of crunch. We've used lettuce here, but this salad will also pair with many of your other favorite greens. A bottled poppy-seed dressing also keeps preparation time to a minimum while making the flavors of this light, quick-fix supper sensational. Strawberry Salsa Don't be fooled: Strawberries are the stars here. Where this Strawberry Salsa really complex is where it mixes in just a little bit of heat: Strawberry Limeade This drink is a twist on a classic strawberry lemonade, and a simple substitution makes a wonderful addition.

You'll love the difference switching from lemon to lime makes. Strawberries and limes are still perfectly paired, and you'll love the push-and-pull of the sweet and tart that you get in every single sip.

Better still, making this from-scratch delight only requires three ingredients plus four cups of cold water. Let it chill a few hours, and this is ready to quench any thirst. Serve this dazzling drink at your next get-together. Use lime wedges for garnish. Strawberry Pretzel Crostini Pretzel crackers make a great finger food, and topping them with a delicious mixture of strawberries and cream cheese only makes them better. Having it hold together can be a challenge, so finding just the right cracker can make your party go from precarious to perfect.

The sturdy pretzel holds the weight of the strawberries and cream cheese, making this bite-sized crostini an ideal finger food. The strawberry-pretzel mixture has a pinch of pepper, some chopped fresh basil, a little minced shallot, and some beautiful minced strawberry.

The cream cheese holds it all together. In the words of one reviewer, "make this for your next summer party—you'll love it. Strawberry Mousse Cake Pretty in pink, this mousse cake recipe is perfect for a shower, family get-together or party. A layer of delicious strawberry mousse is sandwiched between each layer of moist cake, creating a light delight with every bite.

Top this creative confection with some strawberry frosting, some halved fresh strawberries, and even some edible flowers, and you will have the perfect layer cake wonder bursting with great strawberry tastes. Some readers describe the mousse as delicate, and the frosting as rich, so when you put the two together you get just the right amount of sweetness and it becomes the perfect pairing for a fanciful and fantastic Southern dessert.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Hand Pies These wonderful Strawberry-Rhubarb Hand Pies have a golden brown handmade crust that is cooked to perfection, and a filling that mixes just the right ingredients. Crisp rhubarb has a tart flavor that teams up perfectly with sweet strawberries. Add in a little orange zest, and the filling has subtle flavors that will pair perfectly with the crust: These handheld—and handmade—pies can be made up to two days in advance, and stored in an airtight container.

So make a batch of Strawberry-Rhubarb Hand Pies so you will have some on-hand just in case guests drop by. Filled with a delicious strawberry glaze, this cake bakes to be a symphony of strawberry swirls. Preparing this cake requires following a few simple steps, but the little extra effort will be rewarded with a rich pound cake filled with incredible tastes in every bite. Here the cream cheese is added after beating the butter and sugar, and the cake bakes at a slightly higher temperature than usual.

So swirl in some strawberry jam, bake this beautiful cake, and get ready to serve beautiful slices to your family and friends. Thinly sliced smoked turkey, fresh basil, red pepper jelly, and brie come together in this great sandwich, but the true—and unexpected—star is the sliced fresh strawberry. The strawberries bring a subtle sweetness to the richness of the brie and the full flavors of smoked turkey. Put these together and see how much you love these tastes too.

Strawberry-Fruit Toss With Cornmeal Shortcakes Sneak a strawberry from the carton, take a single bite, and imagine them topping pillow-soft Cornmeal Shortcakes, tossed in a delicate salad paired with cheese and fresh basil, or dipped in a salty-sweet caramel mixture. Goat Cheese and Strawberry Grilled Cheese Grilling bread and cheese is a surefire way to make a wonderful sandwich, and at Southern Living we know that our readers love new recipes for updating this classic sandwich.

This is a great way to make a healthier version of grilled cheese by substituting flavorful goat cheese and strawberries. And, the results are in showing that this recipe is a winner. One online reviewer raved, "I am so happy with this! Make one today and see for yourself. You'll love this new approach to one of our favorite old-standard grilled-cheese sandwiches.

These are half-dipped, leaving a top of fresh fruit and a bottom covered in caramel and nuts. These can be served shortly after being made, or they can be prepared and chilled for up to eight hours before being served. A ripe berry will have a shiny, deep red color from the tip of the berry to beneath the green cap. Creamy Strawberry-Mint Pie This recipe is delicious but it still has its focus on keeping the calories and fat in check.

It uses reduced-fat cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies, and either fat-free or low-fat frozen yogurt. You'll get all the wonderful strawberry and chocolate flavors with fewer calories and less fat. The crisp chocolate cookie-crumb crust teams up with fresh strawberries and frozen yogurt for the ultimate make-ahead dessert.

You can top this health-conscious creation with some fresh strawberry slices, some edible flowers, or a drizzle of strawberry sauce. Let it stand at room temperature for 15 minutes before serving, then slice this delicious pie and enjoy every bite. Reader "ambermoore" enthused about the strawberry-lemon filling, "Everyone loves it!

You can freeze the layers right on the wire rack or on a cookie sheet. If you're not using them right away, wrap frozen layers well in plastic wrap.

This cake is also decorated with piped whipped cream on the sides. You'll love the sweet and tart flavors in the filling, and the light sweetness of the cake and whipped cream in every bite.

This way, if you bake the layers in batches, the second batch is ready to go in the oven as soon as the first is done. This layer cake has our delicious Strawberry Jam Filling as well as the scrumptious Strawberry Frosting. You'll want to let this cool completely before spreading on the filling, and then cool in the refrigerator for up to a day before frosting this beauty. When this cake is sliced, it looks incredible—but the taste is even better. Share this homemade wonder with the ones you love.

Spring Garden Strawberry Salad This salad could just as easily be called a green wonder because it is filled with so many incredible and delicious vegetables. They bring crispness and crunchiness to this amazing salad. Add in the creaminess of Gorgonzola cheese, the salty smokiness of bacon, and the sweet taste of strawberries and you will surely wow your guests with this refreshing spring salad.

This salad is light yet filling, subtle yet substantial. You will love every single bite. Mile-High Mini Strawberry Pies If you love the idea of making individual desserts to serve for a special event or at a casual family dinner, these Mile-High Mini Strawberry Pies are a perfect sweet solution. Topped with coarsely chopped fresh strawberries, and filled with a creamy lemon filling, these pies pair sweet and tart in every single bite.

To make these simply and easily, we used Wilton's nonstick six-cavity Mini Pie Pan to get these into and out of the oven. Chill reserved crust rounds while the first batch bakes, and allow the pan to cool completely before beginning the second batch. Sheet cakes are fantastic desserts because they are simple to make, serve a large crowd, and look beautiful all at the same time.

This Strawberries-and-Cream Sheet Cake celebrates all the flavors of the season, meshing the sweet tastes of fresh strawberries with the richness of buttermilk. Toss in a touch of tartness from the fresh lemon juice and you know this Strawberries and Cream Sheet Cake is a winner.

This simple and swoon-worthy sheet cake will be a keeper in your recipe box. File it under "Springtime Crowd-pleaser. Balsamic Strawberries Rich balsamic vinegar helps bring out the sweetness of the berries in this dessert featuring shortbread cookies and vanilla ice cream. One of the wonderful aspects of this recipe is how easy it is to pair the Balsamic Strawberries with the ice cream since the frozen treat simply pops right out of the cup.

Top some shortbread cookies with it, spoon on the strawberry mixture—the perfect combination of tangy and sweet—and let every mouthful be crunchy, creamy, and fruity. You may want to garnish this with chocolate curls, or fresh basil sprigs, but it will be incredible however you have it. Orange-Berry Swirl Who says healthy snacks can't also be delicious treats? This low-fat yogurt-based smoothie is perfect for a warm, spring afternoon.

It includes only four ingredients and does not call for any added sugar, so this should be one of your go-to smoothie recipes. It also only has one step: It could just as easily be described as combine; blend; pour; enjoy.

This is how get the delicious flavors of strawberries in a too-good-to-put-down drink. Blend one of these smoothies today. Then settle in for the sweet tastes of summer. Spiked Strawberry-Lime Ice-Cream Pie This top-rated pie recipe features a unique combination of a salty pretzel crust and sweet strawberry ice cream. The "spike" comes from half-a-cup of tequila and a quarter-cup of orange liqueur.

Garnish with lime rind curls, fresh whole strawberries and pretzels for a pretty presentation. If you prefer not to spike your pie, you can substitute a single six-ounce can of frozen orange juice concentrate for both the tequila and orange liqueur together.

Let this Spiked Strawberry-Lime Ice-Cream Pie stand for fifteen minutes before serving it or simply enjoy whichever recipe however you prefer. Classic Strawberry Shortcake Skip those little cups you get from the grocery store and try our simple, Southern Classic Strawberry Shortcake.

These are crumbly, rich, golden-brown delights. They are perfect for sopping up a sweet strawberry mixture and being topped with a huge dollop of whipped cream. Top these with a few fresh mint springs for garnish. You will want to take the time to make homemade shortcakes after you've baked your first batch and taken your first bite. Just be sure they are wrapped in foil and stored in a zip-top plastic bag. Strawberry-Buttermilk Sherbet Not too many things can beat the summer heat like a homemade frozen treat, so if you need to slip away from a scorcher spend some time making a batch of our Strawberry-Buttermilk Sherbet.

Blend buttermilk with your choice of fresh or frozen strawberries to create this creamy springtime treat. This simple recipe only takes 15 minutes to prepare before going into the cream maker. It blends the buttermilk and strawberries with sugar and vanilla extract.

You can garnish yours with fresh mint sprigs, if you like, but the basic sherbet recipe only has four ingredients. You probably have all of these in your kitchen most of the time, so this should be an easy ingredient to enjoy. Scoop out the tastes of the season with this sweet wonder. Irish Strawberry-and-Cream Cheesecake Smooth cream cheese combined with the wonderful flavors of Irish cream liqueur and strawberry preserves are just the beginning of this decadent dessert. Add in a little butter, a little sour cream, some graham cracker crumbs, and a cup of sugar and this cheesecake is well on its way to being a sweet delight.

Finish by spreading sour cream evenly over the cheesecake and garnishing with whole strawberries. One reviewer remarked that the flavor of this cheesecake was good and that it was not difficult to make.

Those are qualities we love in Southern Living recipes: We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as many of our readers already do. Free-Form Strawberry Cheesecake "This was creamy, delicious, and so easy. The perfect summer dessert! This quick-to-put-together recipe is just as delicious as it looks.

Using a ready-to-eat cheesecake filling saves loads of time, helping you get this dessert on the table in 20 minutes! The cheesecake filling is a base for a fantastic fruit mixture and crumbled gourmet cookies, meaning that every mouthful is a mix of sweet fruit, crunchy cookies, and creamy cheesecake filling. To keep that delightful mix of sweet and tart, you can dress these with a slice of lime. Stay loose and keep this dessert free form, just like the recipe suggests.

Strawberry Semifreddo Shortcake This recipe includes a simple kitchen trick that can work well in certain recipes.

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